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I love Oregon so much because you can just go to Portland and go to Powells books which is just a massive bookstore with 4 floors and just stories and stories of books or you can go to one of the hundreds of food carts and get some weird food that will change your life like a burger with grilled cheese sandwiches for buns or you can go to a weird indie cafe on a wednesday night and see a band thats playing which could be hilariously terrible or shockingly good while you drink some healthy soda thats actually pretty good or maybe some turkish coffee youve never tried which took 15 minutes to make for some reason but tastes like heaven or you can go to one of their record stores and grab a random 5 dollar album from the local artists box or you can go to tao of tea which is a tea restaurant where you sit down with your friends and order tea while Nepalian music plays or go shopping at some steam punk store or go to the nickel arcade which is a blast or go to Pioneer Courthouse Square on a sunday night where in the summer they play a random movie and everyone just sits down and watches it or you can go to one of the millions of micro brewries and try new and amazing beer or ale or go see a play because theres dozens of small theatres or if you dont mind driving 30 minutes from portland you could go to Multomah Falls or go to a haunted hotel or 90 minutes away theres the beach which is crazy stupid fun and theres millions of things to do or you could go to mt hood which is like 45 minutes away from portland and you can go skiing or hiking or camping and yeah Oregon is just a blast. 

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    holy shit, I’ve always wanted to move to Portland since 10th grade, I even applied to University of Oregon but didn’t...
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    I feel like Portland is the only place id enjoy living in other than the Boston areaOther places are great but I can’t...
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